Teeth whitening with BEYOND lamp


BEYOND method is a highly specialised teeth whitening method


It consists in detailed oxidising of discolourations which appear on teeth with active oxygen. The method is entirely safe for the patient and it does not damage the structure of the tooth. One appointment is enough to remarkably enhance the esthetics of your smile, as the professional whitening treatment takes only 30-60 minutes. The effect is immediate.

The teeth whitening treatment should, however, be preceded by an appointment with a dentist, to assess your teeth and gums condition, perform hygienic treatment, which means e.g. removing tartar or correction of leaky fillings.





Teeth whitening with Beyond lamp is not painful; after the treatment, the patient’s teeth may feel hyper-sensitive up to 24 hours – it is a normal reaction to whitening. White diet should be implemented for up to 48 hours after the treatment to avoid staining your teeth. Sometimes, this diet should be kept for a week. Teeth whitening with Beyond lamp is supplemented with applying special toothpastes which remove current discolourations.


Teeth whitening with Beyond lamp - advantages:

Teeth whitening with a lamp has a lot of advantages, the following are some of them:

  • long-lasting effects;
  • quick effects;
  • safety of the treatment;
  • minimalised sensitivity of teeth and gums during the treatment.




Decide on teeth whitening with the BEYOND lamp - welcome to Baltica Beauty Gdańsk!




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