In springtime, we usually avoid heavy makeup and we want comfort and more natural look.


Instead of mascara, which is washed off by water, it is worth trying henna dye for eyelashes. Also the eyebrows will be enhanced when coloured a few shades darker with henna.


Henna is a treatment which consists in gentle colouring of the eyebrow hair. The colour washes of systematically. The effect lasts about 3-4 weeks. The eyelashes treatment shouldn’t be repeated more often than once a month as it can weaken them.


In case of eyebrows, the result will be less lasting. Usually, the treatment needs to be repeated after two weeks but sometimes it washes off even quicker.



Eyebrow henna and shaping

25 PLN

Eyebrow henna + eyelashes + shaping

30 PLN

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