eCO2 fraction laser


It is a perfect device for dermatological use. It creates very thin yet deep craters, contrary to other CO2 lasers, which create shallow and wide craters.


ECO2 laser, so called fraxel, is currently the basic device for good clinics and it is irreplaceable for some specific esthetic problems: wrinkles, scars or stretch marks, among others. It is a medicinal laser used for permanent, wholesome ablative skin regeneration and intensive stimulation for new collagen synthesis. Lutronic eCO2 laser is so unique because it creates the thinnest and very deep craters in the skin, thanks to which the treatment is not very painful and the healing process is much quicker than in case of other lasers of this kind; it has been appreciated by clients all over the world


eCO2 is a medical laser with American FDA certificate (the most restricted one). Lutronic eCO2 laser can be used for very aggressive treatments but thanks to its unbelievable precision, the time of healing is very short and its side effects and minimal.


What is this treatment about?


ECO2 Laser creates a net of micro craters on the skin: areas of tissue evaporating (up to 3 mm deep). Usually, the craters take only a small percentage of skin surface, thanks to which the healing process is dynamic and does not leave any scars. The channels of laser net on the skin is deep enough to strongly activate skin healing processes. The effect is skin rejuvenation and smoother wrinkles and scars.




The healing process after the treatment takes 7 – 10 days. The effects are spectacular and can only be compared to deep dermabrasion but has incomparably less side effects and shorter healing process. You can see the effects straight after the first treatment and they keep progressing, as the process of creating new collagen fibers is stretched in about 6 months time after the treatment. The collagen created as a result of this treatment is lasting. Even though skin after this treatment will still be affected by negative effects of sun or gravitation, this treatment can take away at least a few years.


After treatment:

  • for 1-3 hrs directly after the treatment, the patient will feel discomfort comparable to the reaction after intensive sunbathing
  • during the period of 2-4 days there is a temporal redness and swelling
  • surface shedding of epidermis often occurs, it lasts about 7-10 days after the treatment
  • in case of face treatment it is suggested to stay at home for 3-4 days; it is possible to apply delicate makeup in this period of time


eCO2 fraction laser indications:

  • wrinkles, including „smoker’s wrinkles” and „crow’s feet”
  • flabby skin, baggy eyes, nose-lip skin, falling cheeks
  • flabby shoulder, neck, breasts, buttocks skin
  • stretch marks
  • post-surgical scars
  • post-acne scars
  • post-sun skin imperfections,
  • some discolourations


Contraindications against using this treatment:

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • cancer
  • active bacterial or virus skin disease
  • isotretinoin therapy, current or underwent in the last 6 months (Izotek, Axotret, Curacne, Aknenormin)



Decide for laser therapy with the eCO2 laser in our Baltica Beauty clinic in Gdańsk



Skin imperfections removal – one session

200 PLN

2 – 5 skin imperfections (depending on the kind, size and area)

400 zł – 600 PLN

6 – 10 skin imperfections (depending on the kind, size and area)

600 zł – 800 PLN

Stretch marks and post-surgical scar reduction

300 zł – 2800 PLN



400 PLN

Whole face

900 PLN


600 PLN


800 PLN

Neckline and neck

1200 PLN

Neckline and face

1400 PLN

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